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Swimming Pool Covers / Heat Retention Blankets / Roll-Up Stations

By reducing heat loss and evaporation to the colder air, a swimming pool cover / heat retention blanket will conserve significant amounts of energy in your swimming pool water, resulting in better performance from your solar pool heating system, quicker heat up times and higher water temperatures.

A swimming pool cover will also reduce the amount of make-up water required (by 30% – 50%), will reduce chemical consumption (35% – 60%), and will help keep dirt and debris out of your swimming pool.

Our 500 – 800 micron floating bubble swimming pool covers / heat retention blankets are all custom made to the precise measurements of your swimming pool and come manufactured with reinforced edges, rounded corners, welded folds, floating sheaths, grommets, bungee handles and roll up station attachment points, as required, depending on the shape and size of your swimming pool.

For odd shaped or kidney shaped swimming pools we cut a template on site to ensure a perfect fit.

We also provide a protective cover for your swimming pool cover, so it can be covered and protected when rolled up and left in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Our heavy-duty roll up stations come in manually operated or motorised versions, with various leg support and multi-directional trolley wheel options.

During the hotter summer months a swimming pool cover will only be needed if you wish to boost temperatures ahead of guests arriving, or before a pool party for example 

A properly finished and manufactured high quality swimming pool cover and heavy-duty roll up station will be more durable and longer lasting than the lesser quality unfinished alternatives.

Various material & colour options available.