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The Solco Solar Pool Heating Panel

Tried, Tested & Proven South African Design

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30+ Years in the Market

Now Manufactured in Portugal

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No Moving Parts

Zero Maintenance

Algarve Solar Swimming Pool Heating, Portugal
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Solco Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels

The simplest, most efficient & cost effective, maintenance-free solar swimming pool heating solution available.

The Solco Solar Pool Heating Panels connect into and uses your existing pool pump to circulate your swimming pool water through the solar panels, and back to your pool.

The Solco Solar Pool Heating Panels can be installed flush with an existing roof, on a flat roof, on an optimally-angled ground-standing frame, or on a structure that can serve a double purpose such as a pergola, an entertainment area or shaded carport for example.

Tried, tested & proven South African design.

30+ years in the market.

5 year warranty – 20+ year life expectancy

Now manufactured in Portugal.

Recent Solar Pool Heating Installations


Having a warm swimming pool, using free energy from the sun, is life changing… and will have many positive effects for you & your family !

Massively extended swimming season.

Significantly more swimming pool enjoyment.

Increased property value and rentability.

Once off installation cost.

Zero additional running costs – uses existing pool pumps to circulate the water.

No moving parts.

Takes filtered water so no chance of blockages.

Zero maintenance – other than after around 10 years we recommend turning the panels over.

Completely silent.