Algarve Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels Covers & Solutions

Innovative Solar Solutions for Sustainable Living

Solar thermal systems are significantly more efficient, more cost-effective and require much less panels and surface area than solar photovoltaic systems require to achieve the same result when it comes to heating water.

Solar heated water is a clean, green, cost-effective, sustainable, renewable, reliable, efficient, low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for any home or business.

Solar heated water for household use, for wet heating systems (underfloor heating / radiators) & swimming pool heating.

Hot Solar Water Algarve offers a range of solutions and services to suit your needs.

Reduce energy costs & environmental impact.

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Harness the Abundant Algarve Sunshine for all your Hot Water Needs

Heating water is generally one of the largest energy expenses for any household or business.

Solar water heating is the most cost-effective renewable energy technology in the World.

With the 300+ days of glorious Algarve sunshine each year, solar thermal should always be your primary source of heat for water.

Hot Solar Water – Indirect Pumped Systems

Utilising solar thermal collectors to harness the sun’s energy, a heat a transfer fluid is circulated using a small efficient specialised pump.  

A dedicated coil within an insulated water storage tank facilitates the heat exchange between the heated transfer fluid and the stored water. 

An intelligent digital control system, equipped with multiple sensors, regulates and optimises the operation of the solar water heating system for maximum efficiency.

Hot Solar Water – Thermosiphon Systems

Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating systems use natural convection to circulate a heat transfer fluid through a dedicated heat exchange coil in a water storage tank above, without the need for any mechanical pumps or electricity.

A key advantage of Thermosiphon Hot Solar Water systems is simplicity.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Heat your swimming pool using free energy from the sun with an intelligently controlled, completely silent, once-off installation cost solar pool heating system.

 > Extended Your Swimming Season <

> Increase Your Property Value & Rentability <

> Enjoy Your Swimming Pool More <

A premium & superior solar swimming pool heating solution.

Consulting / Custom Solutions

Building a new, or renovating an old property or swimming pool ?

There are a number of innovations, system design, engineering elements and aesthetics to consider.

Future-proof your situation and maximise on efficiency

6% IVA / VAT on Solar Systems & Installation

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To encourage the use of renewable energies and energy transition,
the installation of solar systems is subject to the reduced IVA / VAT rate of 6%…
until 30th June 2025.
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