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Happiness is… a Warm Swimming Pool !

Having a warm swimming pool, using free energy from the sun, will have many positive effects for you & your family !

This premium & superior Hot Solar Water Swimming Pool Heating Solution has a once-off installation cost, requires little to no maintenance, is digitally controlled & fully automated, completely silent, and produces heat for your swimming pool year-round, for FREE !

Engineered & built to last, the LSP20+ Hot Solar Water Panels come with a 20 year warranty, and have a 35+ year life expectancy.

Extend Your
Swimming Season
Increase Your
Property Value
Enjoy Your
Swimming Pool

How Indirect Solar Pool Heating Works

This premium solar swimming pool heating solution utilises the sun’s energy to heat a specalised non-toxic food-grade glycol solution (Thesol) in superior engineered glazed flat plat collectors.

The heated Thesol is circulated via a specalised digitally controlled solar pump station through an inline chlorine-resistant titanium heat-exchanger, where the heat is transferred to the swimming pool water.

Fully automated, this system features digital temperature monitoring and system control.

Indirect Solar Pool Heating Schematic 

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Massively extended swimming season.

Significantly more swimming pool enjoyment.

Increased property value and rentability.

Once off installation cost.

Minuscule additional running cost.

No moving parts.

Circulates Theosol with indirect heat transfer so no chance of blockages.

Low maintenance – monthly visual check and annual service call.

Intelligent temperature control.

Completely silent.